Pioneers welcome

Research & Development

Customized special solutions are no longer just the icing on the cake for us but a main component of our daily work.

Thanks to our diverse processing methods, we create about 250 new samples every year. The know-how that our employees have gained is tremendous and is reflected in the development of each new product.

To transform your ideas and wishes into a new product, we combine the available parameters:

  • Raw material
  • Weaving
  • Knitting
  • Dyeing
  • Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Assembly – Accessories
  • Services

We test the quality of new products and their properties in our testing laboratory or have them tested in qualified institutes. By manufacturing minimum quantities under real conditions, we ensure production reliability.

We are more than willing to apply our expertise in the application of our products to the implementation of your projects. Often, it’s the small tricks that make life easier – and here, we support you with tips, tools, or the provision of certain tasks as a service.

The right combination makes all the difference!
Challenge us.

Knowledge is power

We keep our finger on the pulse of time by:

  • Maintaining ongoing contacts with suppliers
  • Attending trade fairs
  • Continuous training and education
  • Maintaining intensive contact with universities and research institutions

This allows us to stay up to date with the latest news on raw materials and process technology.


We utilize this knowledge for the efficient implementation of customer ideas as well as the continuous optimization of our process technology and the improvement of our standard products. When we transform your ideas into new products, customer protection and confidentiality are a matter of course for us. When we implement innovations, we file corresponding protective rights. As a result, we hold various patents.

When we discover interesting raw materials or processing methods, we “explore” their potential applications in-house. Through processing experiments, we clarify and verify whether the process is controllable and the material is processable. Only when we can make reliable statements, do we use the innovation to expand our manufacturing methods or product portfolio.

In the context of testing new materials or processes, quality assurance is an important aspect. Quality is of utmost importance when selecting suppliers and verifying reproducibility. This also includes defining test procedures and criteria, as well as, if necessary, the testing equipment.

If our own ideas or customer wishes cannot be realized with our knowledge, we leverage our network with specialists at universities and research institutes.

“Anyone can do the easy things.” We also strive to bring innovations to the market that cannot be trivially implemented.

High-quality Raw Materials

The foundation of each of our HQ belts is an ideal raw material. Therefore, we use high-quality natural and synthetic fibers from selected suppliers worldwide for the production of our webbing. The selection of yarn is the cornerstone of a quality product. We have 100 different raw materials, types of yarn, and strengths in stock. If your idea cannot be realized with this assortment, we have the know-how and international contacts to source the necessary materials. We have already realized belts made of Dyneema, Aramid, Carbon, and metal in the form of chains, wires, or cables.

Whether it’s new materials or special properties in the belt, we look forward to your challenge.



The wide variety of different types of needle looms in our machinery allows us to manufacture a wide range of products. Products from our company can be produced:

in widths ranging from 3 mm to 120 mm in thicknesses from 0.4 to 4.0 mm, depending on the belt construction with strengths up to 60 kN in elongation ranges from 0.1 to 250%

Belts with variable widths or your logo can be realized using our weaving machines. Thanks to our know-how and machine design capabilities, we can safely implement your idea.


Warp Knitting

In order to produce technical textiles in widths exceeding 120 mm and with high technical requirements, we have invested in warp knitting technology and the necessary know-how in recent years. Elastic knitted fabrics for the furniture industry, used as suspension or visible netting, were the starting point. This idea has led to a wide range of products with our stretch belts. We have realized storage nets such as [KiiPER] and [KiiPiT] using this technology.

Our machinery is capable of producing knitted fabrics up to 1500 mm in width with a variety of properties. Whether they are used as the base for shaped foam seats, as cross-elastic material to prevent wrinkles on a piece of furniture, or as a carrier for concrete – warp knitting provides us with a vast field for implementing new ideas.


For certain products, it is necessary to use heat, color, or additional products to achieve the desired properties. For example, minimal shrinkage can only be achieved by pulling out the constructional elongation from the fabric and fixing it at an appropriate temperature. Our dyeing and finishing department offers you the opportunity to further optimize a good product for its specific properties. Color is just one aspect. In our program, you will find many variations to achieve desired properties such as antistatic, cut resistance, flame retardancy, etc.

Ecology is important to us. That’s why we only use environmentally friendly dyeing and finishing products that comply with European standards.


You name it, we do it

Delivering belts in 50-meter rolls has been the norm, but it is not our benchmark. Whether the roll needs to have a cardboard or plastic core, or a specific length to optimize your production, let us know. We will try to realize your request, no matter how small or large, making further processing as easy as possible for you.

Large spool, small roll, loose in a box, or anything else. Special markings or error labeling can easily be implemented in a department that inspects every meter of material. We have already realized rolls bundled, in bags, or in special boxes.

Flexibility to fulfill customer wishes is our program. It starts with the roll size and ends with the packaging.


Core Competence

Belts are our core competence. We offer them as meterware in various configurations as well as pre-assembled belt systems.

The basis of our work is quite simple: we use our existing repertoire of webbing or develop new ones, and then further process them. The following operations can be employed individually or in combination:

Cold cutting Thermal cutting Ultrasonic cutting and punching Laser cutting Sewing Special sewing techniques Punching Welding of straps or edging Eyelets or riveting Printing

These steps bring your vision for a new or modified product to life. It is the unique combination of these activities that sets RATHGEBER apart. Upon request, we can combine your belt with various elements, such as buckles, eyelets, and other fasteners. This results in at least 1,679,616 different combination possibilities.

Combined with our innovative ideas, there are hardly any challenges in the belt sector that we cannot successfully solve with you. Challenge us with your new development.

We learn through the customer—for the customer.



A belt system, such as a lashing or carrying strap, does not function without accessories. Therefore, we have a large stock of plastic and/or metal fittings to be able to fully assemble belt systems for the highest loads and all technical requirements. This allows us to promptly realize your sample requests. We also offer hook and loop tape and other textile accessories.

If our inventory of buckles, carabiners, sliders, end pieces, etc., is not sufficient, we have suppliers who can provide us with additional specialized parts or manufacture them according to our specifications.

We are also happy to integrate your components into the desired belt system in order to develop a finished product that is ideal for your needs.

We learn through the customer—for the customer.


Service Desert Germany

Not with us! We provide advice and support you with the development and implementation of your ideas. Whether it’s through consulting on:

Choosing the right webbing Utilizing our expertise in further processing Providing small tools or tools from our toolmaking department Selecting a suitable mechanical engineer Implementing process technology Creating samples or initial series Conducting tests, and more

For small series in the ilira-stretch range, we are happy to take on production for our customers. Challenge us.