Transparency & equal opportunities

Purchasing is the information supplier for all our other departments. In order to perform this task optimally, we expect the best possible support from our suppliers.

We strive for long-term partnerships and guarantee our cooperation partners, transparency and equal opportunities. We promote competition and do not work with companies that offer goods from forced labor and child labor. We ourselves work according to the Code of Conduct of the textile and fashion industry and expect the same from our suppliers.

Quality is our highest priority, as well as an optimal price-performance ratio. Standards such as DIN ISO 9001, Ökotex or Bluesign are an advantage. We also demand environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing technologies. We are always open for the new.

Our sources of supply are international markets. We also look for and observe suppliers as well as manufacturing processes and products that we have not known so far, and we are always ready to test something new together with you. It makes sense if the supplier provides us with enough material to carry out samples and pilot series. Through close contact, we are happy to help optimize the offered product and adapt it to our ideas.

We evaluate our suppliers annually according to DIN ISO 9001 in order to have consistently good partners. Quality, delivery punctuality and service play a decisive role.

Please contact us and offer us your products without any request. Your purchasing team is always there for you!

We are glad to be there for you

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Christian Lühr

Head of Purchasing

Telephone +49 7324 177 63
Fax +49 7324 177 66
Email l.neumann@rathgeber-gurte.de

Luca Neumann

Materials Management Scheduling