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Alle hochwertigen Produkte aus unserem Sortiment  haben eine wichtige Gemeinsamkeit. Sie sind elastisch. Nun ist dies im Sinne des Wortes ein dehnbarer Begriff der mehrere Möglichkeiten beinhaltet. In unserem Fall sprechen wir von aktiver Elastizität mit hoher Rückstellenergie. So müssen Sie keine Bedenken haben, dass Sie bereits nach kurzer Zeit in einer Hängematte sitzen.

  • gestalten Sie neuartige Möbel mit schlanken Formen
  • kombinieren Sie Ihr außergewöhnliches Design mit überragendem Federungskomfort
  • wählen Sie aus zahlreichen Qualitäten den für Ihr Modell am besten geeigneten Komfort

Dabei unterstützen wir Sie natürlich mit unserem Wissen und der langjährigen Erfahrung. Zur Auswahl stehen kurzelastische und hochelastische Qualitäten, wobei jede einzelne Version typenspezifische Eigenschaften aufweist und so die unterschiedlichen Komfortaspekte abgedeckt werden.

  • Unterfederungsvarianten die überpolstert werden
  • elastische Sichtqualitäten mit Optik eines Bezugsmaterials kombiniert mit den Vorteilen einer Federung
  • kurzelastische und langelastische Qualitäten
    elastische Komponenten aus Gummi und künstlichen Elastomeren
  • verschiedene Konfektionsmöglichkeiten wie Schläuche, Hauben und einlagige Einhängesysteme

Zahlreiche Hilfsmittel erleichtern die Montage von ilira – stretch auf Gestellteile. Ohne mechanische Hilfsmittel kommt ilira – easy aus. Diese Netze werden locker aufgezogen und mittels thermischer Behandlung in Form und auf Spannung gebracht. Ganz einfach.

Unser Bestreben ist es immer, ressourcenschonend zu produzieren. Sollten wir Ihr Interiorprodukt nicht in der für Sie passenden Breite als Standard lieferbar haben, dann können wir diese ab einer Jahresmenge von 1000 m in der perfekten Wunschbreite produzieren. Weniger Abfall, geringerer Aufwand, weniger Kosten, mehr Effizienz. 

Elastic Underframes

Our fully elastic underframes provide the desired comfort for your seating furniture. Create innovations with a slim design and outstanding seating comfort. A wide range of different qualities is available to you. Please take advantage of our prototype and consultation service. Involve us in your projects at an early stage of planned developments so that we can best support you in the design of the frames. Below you will find a representative selection and application examples.


Type RA – Rubber elastic back suspension

  • Highly elastic, black/white color option
  • Emphasizes soft to medium-firm comfort
  • Can be processed with up to 200% tension
  • Partially can be processed manually
  • Ideal suspension for upholstered furniture
  • Used in the back, headrests, and armrests
  • Suspension for bed headboards
  • Can also be used as an elastic covering strip
  • Production width up to a maximum of 1400 mm
  • Available from stock in the range of 380 – 900 mm
  • Can be cut without self-propagation of tearing
  • Optional burning of holes for threads is possible


Type SRA – Rubber elastic seat/back suspension

  • Highly elastic, available in the range of 400 mm – 600 mm
  • Medium-firm quality, can be processed with up to 100% tension
  • Can be cut without self-propagation of tearing
  • Ideal, robust suspension for chair backs
  • Medium-strong seat suspension for upholstered furniture and chairs
  • Single-layer processing possible
  • Can be tailored into tubes or covers

Looking for the suitable suspension for your new dining chair? On the usually small back area, the medium-strong SRA provides the desired firm and supportive underframe.


Type SR3A – Very strong, rubber elastic seat suspension

  • Highly elastic
  • Very strong premium quality
  • Tension up to 140%
  • Strong seat suspension for upholstered furniture and chairs
  • Single-layer processing possible with wooden inlays
  • Can be cut without further tearing
  • Available from stock in widths of 300 mm – 600 mm

Achieve an extra level of comfort and superior spring force for your new models. With the super-strong seat suspension SR3A, you make no compromises.


Type SR2AG / SR3AG – Rubber elastic suspension for foam

  • Highly elastic variations
  • Foam quality
  • Individual customization and zoning possible
  • Outstanding seating comfort in this combination
  • Tension over 100%
  • Suitable for seat and back
  • Can be cut without further tearing
  • Burning of holes for threads and mounting plates is possible
  • Available from stock in widths of 500 mm – 600 mm


Type SRAM – Universal seat/back suspension

  • Short-elastic
  • Use of special monofilaments
  • Processable with up to 25% tension
  • Universal quality for backrest and seat
  • Available from stock from 320 mm – 970 mm
  • Horizontal and vertical processing possible


This is one of our most versatile qualities. In some areas, SRAM can also be manually applied. Please involve us early in your considerations for the development of new models – we are happy to advise you.

Elastic Visible Qualities

Our elastic visible qualities combine the advantages of suspension with the appearance of appealing covering materials. We are happy to develop new visual variations or nets with specially defined properties for you – just give us a call.


Type NRAM – visibly applicable netting

  • Short-elastic versions
  • Equipped with special monofilaments
  • Pre-tensioning of up to 20% possible
  • 4-way stretch variants
  • Packaging: Rolls of 40 m
  • Ideally suited for single-layer coverings
  • Numerous visual variations to choose from
  • Available in widths of 500 mm – 600 mm
  • Color preferences can be accommodated
  • Take advantage of our extensive finishing options
  • Cutting with laser
  • Confection into sewn covers
  • Single-layer suspension systems with sewn-on edging strips
  • Single-layer suspension systems with profiles ultrasonically welded

We are constantly working on the development of new qualities and visual variations. Simply utilize our development potential and tell us your ideas. By consciously selecting special combinations of raw materials, we can intentionally influence the appearance and function of the newly designed nets according to your needs.

Here you can take a detailed look at some of our standard versions. Please note that the appearance of the nets may change slightly depending on the degree of subsequent stretching.


NRAM Outdoor – visible and for outdoor use

  • Use of UV-stabilized yarns
  • Special equipment
  • Suitable for seating and backrest areas
  • Very good load-bearing capacity
  • Perfect seating comfort
  • Elastic monofilaments

In this area, we offer materials precisely tailored to the requirements of the outdoor environment. Typically, these are custom optical solutions that we discuss with you in more detail.

Elastic webbing for upholstery

Since the 1950s, our elastic webbing has been a fixed component in the production of seating furniture.


They give your upholstered furniture a distinctive seating character. There’s no need to say much about the use and processing of elastic webbing. The use and processing of elastic rubber webbing have long been established and familiar practice. Each roll we manufacture here in Herbrechtingen is tested and labeled for elasticity according to internal guidelines. Belt rolls that do not meet these requirements are not shipped. This is how we have maintained our level of quality over the years. For our rubber elastic webbing, we exclusively process rubber cords of grade 22/24.


Over the decades, more and more items have been added. We always have an open ear for the wishes of our customers in the furniture industry. Therefore, our portfolio in this area has also been expanded to include belts that are not elastic according to our definition. Quite the opposite. For visible chair caning, we have developed special qualities that are additionally stretched after the weaving process. This way, we prevent seat indentations from forming with proper processing during use.


The first step is always cutting. Whenever possible, and this is the case with all our synthetic covering materials, we cut our pieces with laser. This allows us to cut highly precise shapes. Holes and notches serving as sewing aids can be easily cut out. The reproducibility of the cuts with a high level of accuracy is the decisive advantage. The cut edges are also sealed, eliminating the need for additional time-consuming hemming in a separate step.


The thus prepared cut pieces can be directly used in further processing.



  • Confection into tubes with stitching
  • Confection into covers with additional zigzag stitching
  • Confection into single-layer suspension systems with all-around sewn-on edging
  • Confection into single-layer suspension systems with profiles welded using ultrasonic technology
  • Confection of suspension mats with spring steel rods and hooks


Final assembly

  • Assembly of tubes or covers onto frame parts
  • Single-layer or multi-layer covering of wooden inserts
  • Assembly of suspension systems
  • Thermal shrinking of single-layer suspension systems


We have a relatively high level of in-house production depth. Some production steps do not fit into your company’s processes? No problem. In these cases, we either work with reliable partners or can carry out these operations ourselves. We will then supply you with pre-fabricated components that you can immediately incorporate into your production.


Tensioning Devices

  • Easy assembly of tubes and covers in no time
  • Significant time savings in assembly work
  • Suitable for large-scale production
  • Covering service here on-site or at partner facilities
  • Sale of tensioning machines
  • Customizations with different tension arms or cylinders are always possible


Foamed Frame Parts

  • New development in the field of fully elastic under-springing
  • Especially designed for molded models
  • Seat and backrest qualities available
  • Net structures with open passage zones
  • Enables the development of very slim and highly comfortable seating furniture

Take advantage of our complete service

Here on-site and in collaboration with our external partners, we can fabricate frame parts for you. This means we source the frame parts according to your specifications, cut and assemble the covering parts, and mount the covers onto the frames. This is particularly suitable for the production of samples and small series. Please contact us if you are interested; we would be happy to advise you.