finding a solution

„For our customers, with our customers.“

That’s why we don’t see ourselves as mass producers, but as problem solvers and developers of individual products. Turning your ideas into intelligent products is our core competency. Innovation as a driving force is at the center of everything we do. From the development of belts to complete systems, we accompany you with our extensive range of machinery and expertise.

To achieve this, we combine all the characteristics that distinguish a Swabian company: resourcefulness, inventiveness, reliability, helpfulness, friendliness, and diligence.

In addition, we invest in the latest technology and harness the knowledge of our employees. This forms the basis for us to advance your ideas, develop new products, and ensure ongoing production as a competent partner.

One of our important competencies lies in processing elastic materials for your specific application. That’s why parts from our company ensure precise folding in most convertible tops worldwide. Elastic products are also important in climbing sports, workplace safety, and seating furniture to ensure the desired comfort.

We are your reliable German partner for timely delivery of high-quality belts as meterware or in finished form at competitive prices. We may not be the cheapest, but we are always worth our price, especially for high-tech products, small and medium series.

An important aspect of our work is the responsible use of resources. When developing new products and processes, we rely on energy-efficient methods and environmentally friendly materials to protect our environment. When it comes to renewable resources, our motto is ‘Don’t play with food.’

New materials such as Qmilk, fibers made from spoiled milk, are important to us.

The raw materials we use comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.”

Resourcefulness, inventiveness, reliability, helpfulness, friendliness, and diligence.
These are what distinguish us!