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In our Brand World, you can expect high-quality product highlights that are produced by us in Germany, offering first-class quality and innovative features.

Rathgeber Storm Line

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The Rathgeber Storm Line is already tensioned lightly during setup, reducing the maximum spring travel. From the first gentle gust of wind, our elastic webbing consistently works against it with the same force. In strong winds, you only need to readjust 1 to 2 times briefly. A short pull on the upper webbing is sufficient – done!


With conventional storm straps, a metal spring only works against the wind load above a force characteristic curve and within a defined tension range. If this force becomes too high (in our test, about 55 kg), it becomes elongated. What happens with your awning or canopy at 65 kg of wind load is clear – a new spring would be your smallest problem!


Every aspect of this storm line is carefully thought out:


  • Individual securing of tent poles and awning arms
  • No additional guy line required
  • Snap buckle with 1-click emergency release – even under load
  • At least 120 kg strength per storm strap
  • Spring element with technically limited spring travel (accidental disengagement impossible)
  • Made of UV-stable polyester webbing

If there’s bad weather, at least be securely fastened.

We wish you a peaceful vacation!

FAQ about the Rathgeber Storm Line

The key is the ground anchor – it requires the right peg for the ground. We recommend screw pegs or large pegs. First, attach them to the ground, as close to the tent pole as possible. If there is a support rod to the vehicle (e.g., with awnings), it is better to anchor it vertically. For sun sails, the classic method of anchoring is preferred. The installation of our universal adapter is self-explanatory on the awning’s bead or via the tip of the tent pole.

Generally, we recommend screw pegs suitable for the ground (sand or grass), and large impact pegs are also good. Always make sure that the pegs are still secure and well-positioned after rainfall, as saturated soil significantly reduces holding power. Please always prioritize safety.

[KiiPiT] – More Storage Everywhere

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Got a net?

Practical net to expand storage space on surfaces. Not only in caravans/motorhomes on the ceiling, wall, in & under overhead cabinets but also at home in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, garden shed – easy to install.

“Mount the two holders with screws, thread the net – done. If there is already a perforated grid in cabinets, simply mount it with the appropriate screws.”

The net is permanently elastic and washable at 40°C.

FAQ about KiiPiT

Generally, in all furniture with hole spacing of 32 mm, 64 mm, 128 mm. KiiPiT can be easily mounted anywhere without pre-drilling – suitable screws for furniture holes and classic wood or plastic surfaces for self-drilling are included.

Certainly! KiiPiT was developed for that purpose – let your creativity run wild – please only use hand tools for installation – NO POWER DRILL!!

Yes, KiiPiT is waterproof – the included elastane fiber is commonly used in swimwear. The material is permanently elastic and suitable for moist environments. However, ensure sufficient ventilation for drying.

First, attach a strip with screws, then hook the net onto it and close it with the cover (KiiPER). For KiiPiT net, simply thread it. Then finish mounting the other side!

[KiiPER] – Storage Net

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Whether for motorhomes, kitchen at home, bedroom, or workshop. Net whatever you want, wherever you want. On the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor. With the elastic net in two different designs (checkered & striped pattern), many everyday items can be clamped and stored.


Get inspired and use our [KiiPER], for example,

…in the kitchen: for cookbooks and kitchen utensils

…in the motorhome gas locker: for all accessories

…under the desk: for power supply and cable management

…in the motorhome on benches (inside/outside): for bottles and operating manuals

…in the garden shed

…on the garage wall: for toys and garden tools

…as a holder for various items in the workshop

…on sailboats and yachts

…and more fantastic ideas


Our requirements for [KiiPER] nets

To meet our quality standards, all [KiiPER] products have high-quality nets that remain dimensionally stable and durable despite continuous use.


How do we know this exactly?

We have been supplying the same nets to the furniture industry successfully for over 10 years. They are used to cover the backrests and seats of high-end office chairs. Therefore, it’s understandable that our nets must remain dimensionally stable for a long time.

FAQ about KiiPER

First, attach a strip with screws, then hook the net onto it and close it with the cover (KiiPER). For KiiPiT net, simply thread it. Then finish mounting the other side!

[KiiPER MiNi]

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With the [KiiPER MiNi], you can secure the contents of your cabinet from falling out while driving. Thanks to the freely adjustable net, you can optimize the [KiiPER MiNi] according to your requirements. If needed, you can also remove the net and reinstall it before driving.

SLiiPER – Child Bed Guard

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SLiiPER bed guard – safe sleep for your little ones. High safety with a 50 cm high net – so parents can sleep peacefully. Particularly suitable for motorhomes or caravans.

High transparency and sturdy construction

The finely woven net made of high-quality polyester protects children’s fingers while providing excellent visibility for parents and the child.

Fine anodized aluminum profile with keder track for flexible installation of fastening straps.

Thanks to the four different widths and adjustable attachment points, SLiiPER can be installed in all common motorhomes and caravans. The child safety net is delivered ready for installation.


Universal installation thanks to adjustable straps for ceiling or wall, with freely adjustable strap length of up to 60 cm. Up to 8 attachment points for bed frames or slatted frames ensure high stability and prevent the net from slipping.

Once installed, our SLiiPER can be quickly assembled and disassembled using quick-release fasteners and placed under the mattress.

KLETTfiX Infinity

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With our high-quality Velcro fastening straps, made in Germany, you can quickly, flexibly, and, above all, easily secure various objects. “Hold, roll, fasten.” Cables, hoses, pipes, slats, bars, branches, bags, boxes, paper, wheels, clothing, etc., can be easily bundled.


Individual KLETTfiX can be combined and extended, and can be reused immediately after use. Sustainable – because they are permanently reusable.


Technical details:


Width: 25 mm

Various lengths

Various colors

Minimum strength of 25 kg with a 10 cm overlap of the closure


Special lengths available for industrial customers!

FAQ about KLETTfiX

Certainly, simply join two together and ensure sufficient overlap (>10 cm).

It is made of polyamide – a classic material used in the automotive industry and therefore suitable for outdoor use. However, please note that sunlight deteriorates EVERY plastic material. Regular inspection is unavoidable.