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Decades of experience with roller blinds

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality roller blind straps, we offer you a wide range of products, unique variety, and an added level of service. Market-oriented accessories, cords, and other window transport products complete the program – to your advantage, all from a single source.

We are proud of our large customer base: our customers include system providers, element manufacturers, manufacturers of finished products, wholesalers, retailers, installation companies, metalworkers, and a variety of specialized companies in the field of roller blinds and window construction.

Learn about our products and range of services.

As you wish:
Rolled or spooled.


Our products are available in various roll and spool sizes. Standard or customized – in lengths and sizes that meet market demands or tailored to your specific preferences and product requirements…

Untreated or perforated, stapled or glued, labeled or neutral. Clean and securely packaged – in standard cartons or special packaging. Explore our diverse options and let us know your preferences. Our contact persons will gladly provide you with a customized offer and additional product information.

50-meter rolls

Our classic option for individual cutting and processing.

Classic stock rolls are essential in roller blind construction and the preferred choice in many other areas as well. Therefore, we offer all our products in this popular packaging format – available immediately from stock. Pulling straps and other products are available in beige, gray, beige-gray (two-tone), brown, white, and black-white mélange – special qualities and colors available upon request.

Several million meters are processed annually and sent to our customers every day.

Carefully wound roll material – 20 rolls / 1,000 meters per carton.


Small rolls

Ready-to-install parts – tailored to your needs.

Our prefabricated parts with perforated strap ends enable quick and efficient further processing. Plus, there is no waste.

Typical fixed lengths, such as 4.50 meters for windows and 6.00 meters for doors, are available from stock at short notice, while other dimensions are custom-made for you. Ends stapled or glued, as per your choice.

Our small rolls are provided loose in a carton – packaging contains 100 pieces. Available as self-service packs (individual packaging) upon request.


Large spools

Our largest containers – used by manufacturers.

Cutting to length directly at the workplace, easy handling, space-saving, and minimal waste. Mini-lift straps in common widths are available immediately from stock, with various color options – packaging contains 1 spool of 1,000 meters.

Do you require other belt widths in spooled form? Contact us, and we will provide you with solutions.

Furthermore, we offer cord qualities on large spools for processors. Choose from various designs, strengths/diameters, and colors – packaging contains 1 spool of 500 meters.


Custom-length rolls and spools

Customized packaging – lengths and sizes according to your wishes and specifications, neutral or labeled.

For our belt storage box TOPP-BOX, we also offer matching 25-meter rolls in various designs and widths – also available as a set from stock. Additionally, special quotas are available for various application areas – color-sorted and in different lengths.

Handy cord spools in special length 100 meters – easy to transport, ideal for repairs. Available in various colors and material thicknesses.

Special packaging available upon request.

Or may we cut it for you?

Our products are also available in pre-cut form – ready for installation, in various designs and variations, for all possible applications.

In the roller shutter and window construction industry, they are highly sought after and indispensable. Market-ready prefabricated parts in common widths and lengths available immediately from stock. Custom-made products are also possible – our contact persons will provide you with further details and gladly provide additional product information.


In any desired length and design, according to your choice.

We offer belt cuttings for various applications, cold or hot cut, punched or unpunched, according to your needs and requirements.

For nail-on/hanging belts, we recommend obliquely cut cuttings with a slit or punched elongated hole, which facilitate further processing – packaging content: 1,000 pieces. Alternatively, other cuttings, with or without profile strip, or rolls for individual cutting, are also available upon request. ilira-window® carrying loops/belt cuttings for window transport, with thermally welded belt ends for your safety. Stock version: 500 mm – packaging content: 1,000 pieces.

Packaging & Logistics

We have a basic assortment of packaging materials to ensure safe delivery of our belts to customers. Designed storage systems provide an overview and fast processing of your orders. Management of annual call-off orders and weekly supply of series production are part of our daily standard. A flexible storage system can easily handle seasonal capacity fluctuations at our customers.

Web-EDI applications, VDA merchandise tags, and barcodes on our belt packaging can be customized for each customer. We serve various industries with their respective special requirements.

Our Elements roller shutter belt keeps on running…

Durable, made from the best raw materials. Carefully manufactured in various widths, colors, and designs. Checked and rolled meter by meter, neatly and securely packaged. Reliable and fast delivery service.

You decide on the construction: transversely ribbed, textured, or rather smooth/supple, with or without white edges – available in all possible widths. Typical colors are beige, gray, white, black-and-white mottled, and brown. In addition, two-color belt qualities, with gray on the top side and beige on the bottom side, are immediately available from stock, and other special colors are available upon request.

Lifting belts 22/23 mm

We offer you a wide selection in many designs. Choose from various fabric constructions, material compositions, and thicknesses ranging from 0.9 to approximately 2.2 mm. You have the choice: from the classic “new construction belt” to special gearbox or universal belts, to particularly grippy repair belts – quickly and easily available from stock. Our sample collection shows you the spectrum.

Custom-made products, specifically tailored to your wishes and requirements, can also be realized – our advisory service will provide you with further details.

Mini lifting belts 14/15 mm

Benefit from our diverse stock assortment, with a wide selection of various constructions/fabric patterns in different material thicknesses – ranging from 0.9 mm “extra thin” for electronic belt winders or elements with small belt pulleys, to particularly robust craftsman-quality belts with a thickness of around 1.9 mm – available immediately from stock.

Individual custom-made products tailored to your requirements and specifications, coordinated with your components – excellent running properties, edge protection with special material mix, mold resistance – tailor-made to your desires. A selection can be found in the current sample collection. Our advisory service is here to assist you.

Special belts 10-35 mm

In addition to lifting belts in special widths of 10 and 12 mm, belt qualities in intermediate widths of 16-20 (For example, 18 mm commonly used for prefabricated houses), we offer you anchoring strap tape in various designs, as well as pull-through straps for wooden shutters – available immediately from stock.

In addition, numerous special qualities are available for specific customer requirements, and custom manufacturing according to your wishes and requirements is also possible. Inform us about your desires, and we will gladly individually assess our possibilities – our consultation service is here to assist you.

Window straps

With transport aids made of webbing, you simplify the transport of windows – our carrying straps for your elements. Cost-effective transportation from A to B; to and at the customer’s construction site. Perforated and non-perforated strap cuttings / carrying loops for self-assembly – for your safety with thermally welded strap ends. Available from stock in a strap width of 22/23 mm, other designs and widths available upon request. Various product suggestions can be found in our sample card.

For strapping and securing purposes, you can also obtain the appropriate tie-down straps in various lengths and designs – everything from one source. Our consultation service is available for further information.

You will also find belt repair kits in various widths and designs – also in special lengths – as well as universally usable storage boxes for belts with an integrated dispenser, suitable for all belt widths. Furthermore, we have belts for other applications, such as protective belts for roller shutters, available for you.

Our range is complemented by cords, available in various strengths / diameters. Matching materials for cord winders and repairs are available in black-white, plain white, gray, and brown – immediately from stock, custom-made options upon coordination – our consultation service will inform you.

Take advantage of combined shipping: belts and cords – everything from one source.